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Informational Sharing Sessions

For Teachers

SATYA's “Informational Sharing Sessions" give teachers an opportunity to explore a specific subject in a supportive two or three hour session.  These information sharing sessions are facilitated by experienced yoga teachers or professionals of a certain expertise. We invite teachers to share their experiences of teaching yoga to special populations. If you are interesting in leading a Sharing Session please fill out the form above to contact Michelle Couture.

Adaptive Chair Yoga 6/10 w/ Mindy Miller-Muse

Adaptive Chair Yoga: Increased Accessibility in Mixed Level Classes.


In this 3 hour Informational Sharing Session for teachers, We will explore how using a chair may strengthen your ability to work with a more diverse range of physical abilities. During this session, we will review chair variations of traditional postures that may be incorporated in a stand-alone "Chair Yoga Class" or utilized within a mixed levels class where some participants may benefit from the use of a chair for more stability and/or support while others may opt for non-chair variations. We will explore challenges and successes of sequencing, pacing and leading mixed levels classes and some ideas for increased efficacy and accessibility. This session will include a brief practice so that you may have the experience of participating in an all levels practice of this nature.


 Mindy Miller Muse

Informational Sharing Session Submission

Do you have tools to share? We want to know! Please provide a detailed description of your workshop/idea/concept to be considered for development into an I.S.S. hosted by SATYA. 


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