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Our Organizational Members are an important part of the SATYA Community!

Benefits of Membership

  • Your Organization’s logo and weblink will be listed on SATYA website: both on SATYA homepage banner and on Membership page.
  • Yoga Service Network listing:  SATYA will host information about any specialized yoga classes or training held by your organization. 
  • Organizational Members will be featured in Social Media Posts and SATYA Newsletters. 
  • Organization receives one 1/2 price admission to any SATYA Information Sharing Session.  
  • Your organization can be satisfied that your advertising dollars have gone to also support yoga service in your community!

Membership Fee:

  • Organizational Member: $150 per year

Let's create a mutually beneficial relationship between your Organization and SATYA:

  • Please help to promote the work of SATYA to your community.
  • Organization Members will be provided with informational content and should link to SATYA on their respective websites.

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Thank you to our current members who make it all possible

Organizational Members

Individual Members (Please note: SATYA has decided to extend our individual membership benefits to the entire community. We no longer offer individual memberships A huge thank you to our past members! If you would like to support SATYA financially, please feel free to join as an Organizational Member or to make a donation of any amount!))

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